Better RC Boat Water Cooling - YouTube

This is just a short video to show the revised water cooling pick-up tubes we made for our RC boats. The standard rudder pick-up is quite small and on hot days does not offer good cooling. By using a larger brass tube placed directly behind the prop, we found better flow and water cooling. Sea Fire rc Boat: Surge Crusher RC Boat: Recommended Batteries Turnigy 5000mAh 40c 2 cell LiPo Battery: Turnigy 4000mAh 40c 3 cell LiPo Battery: Recommended ESC upgrade Hobbyking SS Boat Series 200A ESC: Turnigy Marine 180A Brushless Boat ESC: Recommended Motor upgrades Turnigy 3648 Brushless Motor 1450kv (for 6s setup) Turnigy 500 H3126 Brushless outrunner 1600KV (for 4s or 5s setup) Turnigy SK3 3659-1900kv inrunner (rated to1770watts 4s to 6s setups) must prop down in size for 6s setups will also need 36mm size water jacket: Water jacket for 36mm Diameter Motor: